Writer, Director & Producer

For the Holidays!

“Collection of Holiday Novellas by Janice L. Dennie,” include “Tisha’s Warm Christmas,” “Jason’s Valentine Gift,” “Tisha’s Christmas Wedding,” and “One Winter Night.”

In “Tisha’s Warm Christmas,” Tisha Underwood visits her great aunt in Napa Valley for the Holidays. While there, she meets handsome, hardworking Trevor Howard, who works toward owning a restaurant.

In “Jason’s Valentine Gift,” Tisha convinces her brother, Jason Underwood to accompany her to visit their relatives in Napa California. Upon arrival, Jason meets Nurse Amber Carrington, who threatens to crack his icy exterior.

In “Tisha’s Christmas Wedding,” Tisha and Trevor Howard overcome serious issues in their relationship and Trevor asks Tisha to marry him. Tisha’s best friend, Megan, holds a grudge, and Tisha’s parents reveal a horrific family secret. As the wedding date approaches, what else could go wrong? Everything!

In “One Winter Night,” twenty-nine-year-old, Veronique Sutton, makes another bad choice. She gives up on finding her significant other…, until ONE WINTER NIGHT, when she meets two handsome colleagues at her company’s Christmas party. The sincere (and wealthy) Christopher Steele and the vibrant (and fiery) Jamal Stone. Will she make the right choice?