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AXUM, ETHIOPIA (Menelik’s Realm)

In the 10th century B.C., Prince Menelik, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba unknowingly transports the Ark of the Covenant from his father’s temple to his mother’s palace in Axum, Ethiopia. At Menelik’s coronation, he hears that the mighty Nubian Pharaoh has attacked his border city on the Red Sea, to take over its lucrative trade route.
Princess Zula fights the Nubian warriors as they storm through her kingdom. Prince Menelik and his army arrive just before her father dies in battle. The only person Zula sees is Menelik, who she thinks killed her beloved father. She burns with hatred for the handsome prince, and vows to destroy him.

PYRAMIDS OF MEROE (Nubian Pharaoh’s Realm)  

Pharaoh Akema sits on his throne wearing a headdress of a Ram and Python, symbols of the Nubians of Meroe. General Kassala of the Cora Clan trembles before the pharaoh. “We lost the city of Adulis to the Axumite army. They carry a magical golden relic that gives them the power to fight with unearthly strength.


The rusty hinges on the cedar door made a slight squeak as Azariah pushed it open. He couldn’t believe no guards kept watch over the golden relic during the darkness. Once inside, he and his small band of thieves kept their backs against the wall, moving with small quiet steps until they reached the altar. They stopped and stood in awe of the glimmering golden object that faced them.
“The Ark of the Covenant!” Azariah gave the other men a chilling look, defying them to turn back. Elyas glanced at the golden chest decorated with a pair of angels facing each other with lowered heads and feathers draping below their extended wings.  “We cannot take this Azariah,” Elyas whispered.
The other men began to fidget and feel guilty about their dark deed, but Azariah only felt hatred for Menelik after watching his father, drop to one knee, swearing an oath, “Long live Prince Menelik of Axum.” He could still see Menelik laying hold upon the horns of the altar, anointed with oil. How he hated this outsider whose appearance, unlike his own, was handsome, his posture and bearing, as noble as Solomon’s. Azariah’s hatred for Menelik was so deep that he thought it would tear him apart.

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