(Lion of Judah Series #2) 

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Moon Goddess Final


In the tenth century BC, Princess Makeda grieves as invading warriors storm through her beloved Sheba, forcing her to seek a political alliance…And she suffers humiliation by the handsome King Solomon who would offer her marriage in exchange for protection.  Even though she fears being cast into his harem of seven hundred wives, she aches to know the rapture of his tender kiss.

For the first time ever, powerful King Solomon has been conquered, and by the defiant and beautiful Queen of Sheba. He must have the sensuous enchantress who resists his remedy for the alliance she seeks. And he will risk life itself to protect the woman who has pierced his heart with a tender love that he cannot deny.



(Lion of Judah Series  #3)

E-book $2.99 on Amazon.com  

Menelik Final

Menelik, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, unknowingly transports the Ark of the Covenant from King Solomon’s Temple in Israel to Axum, Ethiopia. At Menelik’s coronation as Ethiopia’s first king, he hears that the powerful Nubian Pharaoh has attacked his Red Sea border city of Adulis to take over his lucrative trading route. Menelik uses the mystical powers of the Ark of the Covenant to strengthen his warriors to oust the Nubian invaders. After the dust has settled, he finds that his heart has been captured by the beautiful Princess Zula.  He must have the sensuous princess who is sworn to his destruction. He will risk life itself to nurture a passion born in the heat of hatred and war.

Princess Zula of Adulis fights the Nubian warriors as they storm through her beloved port city. Menelik is the last man standing, when her father is killed before her eyes.  She burns with hatred for the handsome warrior—yet she aches to know the passion of his kiss.