KENTON’S VINTAGE AFFAIR (Underwoods of Napa Valley Series #1)

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The Underwood’s of Napa Valley Series (Book 1)


Unemployed chef, Briana Rutledge inherits a cottage on one thousand acres of land in California’s Napa Valley Wine Country making her a millionaire.  She sets out to turn the cottage into her dream restaurant.  Others have agendas to destroy Briana and prevent her from opening her restaurant.

The Underwood brothers have inherited their grandfather’s DNA of protecting women and children. As the eldest brother, vintner, Kenton Underwood, has been betrayed and no longer believes women need his protection. He has no room for love until he meets sexy, understated Briana Rutledge who finds a special place in his heart.  But Briana harbors a deep seated fear that prevents their future happiness. Kenton has also been scarred by an obsession that fuels his competitive behavior. Can their relationship survive Kenton’s obsession and Briana’s fear?