(A Suttons of San Francisco Novella)

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Veronique Sutton’s mother has warned her to marry before she turns thirty if she wants to have children because menopause runs early in their family.  The gorgeous 29 year old, looks like she just stepped out of Hollywood. Her only dilemma is that she expects the same of the opposite sex. The man she loves must be tall, handsome, upscale, and professional. And he must make her feel fire and passion. No lukewarm love for her.  Veronique knows how to attract a man, but she doesn’t know how to keep one so she gives up on finding her significant other…, until One Winter Night, when she meets two handsome men at her company’s Christmas party. The sincere (and wealthy) Christopher Steele and the vibrant (and fiery) Jamal Stone. Both are handsome, upscale, professional men and both are as different as night and day. Only one can help Veronique make the right choice for her future happiness. Which one will it be?