romancecouple2Welcome to my little area in cyberspace where, I’d like to dig deep into the genre of romance, particularly multicultural romance. At the age of 21, I read my first romance novel, “The Wolf and the Dove,” by Kathleen Woodiwiss. This wonderful author was everything I wasn’t. She was British. I am American. She was Caucasian; I am Black. She wrote historical romance, I write contemporary and historical romance. Even though we come from different backgrounds, she will always be my favorite romance author. I love all of her stories because they dig deep into history and romance. Some readers of mainstream romance have admitted that they don’t read multicultural romance stories for various reasons. I think the lowest common denominator for reading any romance novel is the story, isn’t it? I love reading all types of romances in just about every sub-genre because I look for a good story. The characters don’t have to be Black, green or American for me to appreciate a good story. I understand how some mainstream romance readers have a hard time with vernacular in some urban fiction/street lit novels, I do too. But for some strange reason, I don’t have that problem when I read novels by my favorite mystery author, Walter Mosley, who uses heavy urban vernacular in his books.  I can’t seem to put his books down.   Ah, but let me get off of my soapbox.  Tell me what you think about my blog.

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