CARTER’S HEART CONDITION (Underwoods of Napa Valley Series #3)


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The Underwood’s of Napa Valley Series (Book 3)

(December 1, 2015)

Billionaire Carter Underwood is a hard driving, self-centered CEO of Underwood Technologies. He suffers burnout and wants to travel the world to get a new perspective on life.  He has no time for romance because he believes women only want his time or his money.  He’s used to controlling his time, money and his heart until he meets the former “Miss Oakland,” Courtney Oliver.  Then he realizes for the first time in his life that his heart has a mind of its own and he can’t tell it who to love.

Courtney Oliver is down on her luck. The Great Recession has caused her to lose her job and her home in the exclusive Oakland Hills area of Northern California, all while raising Gabriel, her six-year-old nephew.  Courtney changes Carter’s heart—and his life forever by transforming him from a self-centered CEO to a happy, smiling man in love for the first time in his life.  But Courtney has a secret that prevents her from believing anyone could ever love her for herself and nothing else. Will challenges in Carter’s corporation cause him to fall back into his self-centered ways?  Will Courtney ever believe that Carter loves her for herself and nothing else?