Last night, I saw a movie called “The Quiet American,” on television. At first I started to turn the channel because I thought why should I look at this movie about these people. I have nothing in common with the Vietnamese heroine or the Caucasian hero. But then there was something about the story that caught my interest. It was a love story–and I am a sucker for any love story. This story was about this American guy who was crazy in love with this Vietnamese woman. As I continued to watch the movie, the plot thickened. It took place in the 1950’s before the US got involved in the Vietnam War. I never really understood why America got involved in that war, but this movie broke it down like a fraction. Not only did I get to see a wonderful Multi-cultural love story, that broke my heart in the end, but the story answered all of my unanswered questions about that war. Wow was all I could say at the end of that movie when the person I least suspected turned out to be a killer. It was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. I say this because, I think people should not limit themselves when it comes to reading romance novels. Give stories about people, who do not look like you, a chance. Read multicultural romance novels as much as you read mainstream romance novels, I am willing to bet, that you will enjoy those stories as much as I enjoyed “The Quiet American.” Here is a real good article that talks about the evolution of multicultural romance novels. Enjoy!

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