The Underwoods of Napa Valley series

The Underwood Family

Frank and Henrietta Underwood were sharecroppers from Waco, Texas, who migrated to Napa Valley in the fifties during the Great Migration. They switched from growing corn to growing grapes in the eighties, which turned their family into multi-millionaires. Today this African American wine-producing family owns the award-winning Underwood Hills Winery. Henrietta Underwood, the family’s matriarch, has given the task of running the winery to her oldest grandson, Kenton, as she focuses on marrying off all of her grandchildren to loving spouses. She has dubbed each one with a character trait.    

The eldest grandson, Kenton Underwood, is “the protective one.” Kenton wants to expand the family winery by adding white wines to its label, but his rival, Peter Keller of Eagle’s Nest Winery, plots to ruin Kenton’s expansion plans. Kenton has no room for love when it comes to relationships until he meets unemployed chef Briana Rutledge who inherits a cottage next door to the winery. Briana wants to turn the place into her dream restaurant, but Kenton’s ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Young, and her father plot to run Briana out of town.

Justin Underwood is “the strong one.” He’s a passionate civil rights attorney who fights to protect the woman he loves in court. But, Ashley Jacobs has a family secret that prevents her from totally committing to Justin.   

Billionaire Carter Underwood is “the gifted one.” He’s a hard-driving, self-centered CEO who’s used to controlling his time, money, and heart until he meets Courtney Oliver, the former “Miss Oakland,” who forces him to realize his heart has a mind of its own, and he can’t tell it who to love.  

Brandon Underwood is “the artistic one.” He has lost his passion for painting until he meets Ciara Alexander, an ambitious ballerina who hears her biological clock ticking. She must choose between her blind ambition and Brandon’s love.

The Underwoods of Napa Valley series looks at an African American, wine-producing family, their obstacles in the competitive wine industry, and how loving relationships among the vines forever change their lives.