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Girl from Xiratha Xiratha is a planet located in the Ursa galaxy millions of light-years away from earth. Xirathians are peacekeeping humanoids responsible for maintaining harmony and balance within the Ursa galaxy and its neighboring galaxies. The Ursa Defense League (UDL) members, Eris, Firebird, and Star Angel, maintain peace and harmony in the Ursa galaxy and its neighboring galaxies. In Book One, Doomed for Destruction, Emperor Norcemo sends Eris on a mission to protect the earth from the Dark Chis—giant locust-like creatures from the planet Demol. The Chis travel celestial bodies to destroy a planet’s living beings and extract its natural resources. Xiratha is made of a large deposit of green malachite, healing crystals that give its inhabitants healing powers and the ability to see into the future. Xirathians abandoned their original planet, Dubhe, after an invasion of the Dark Chis. They recently developed weapons to destroy the Dark Chis using malachite crystals. Emperor Norcemo has no idea that the leader of the Dark Chis has infiltrated the body of General Vatet Rho and walks among them undetected.

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